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Amphora Wine Log Basic and Professional

Amphora Wine Log

Amphora Wine Log is a powerful application that is used to track and manage the winemaking process. It is a winemaking log with advanced data storage, management, and presentation capabilities. Amphora Wine Log is very sophisticated software, yet is very simple to use, and has features that the most advanced winemaker will appreciate, such as user-defined database queries, reports, and charts.

Amphora Wine Log has been designed to appeal and be accessible to both the home and professional winemaker. In addition to the many home winemakers, Amphora has been installed in over 500 commercial wineries and vineyards in more than 30 countries around the world.

Amphora Wine Log is available in two versions: Basic and Professional. Amphora Basic provides the core features required to track the winemaking process. Amphora Pro builds on Amphora Basic by incorporating many requests that have been received from professional winemakers. The pro version builds on the basic version by adding extra functionality, such as new fields, reports, and other capabilities.

Current Versions:
Amphora Wine Log Basic: 6.16
Amphora Wine Log Pro: 8.05

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