Amphora Database Server is used with Amphora Wine Log in a multiple user environment. It enables multiple users to access Amphora databases over a network. Amphora Database Server is suitable for small to medium winery operations with a small number of users. Amphora Database Server is available free of charge for those who have purchased the multiple user licence for Amphora Wine Log. For those who desire an enterprise database server, Amphora Wine Log is now compatible with MySQL.

How It Works

Amphora Database Server is installed on a single computer in your network. Amphora Wine Log is installed on any computer in your network that requires access to the Amphora database(s). Multiple users can then access the same database(s) at the same time. Amphora Database Server is very simple to use and requires no database knowledge. Existing Amphora users who wish to switch to a server database can simply copy their existing database files to the server. Amphora Database Server will then make these databases available to any Amphora Wine Log installation on your network. Amphora Database Server is able to serve up to 10 databases simultaneously.

Main Screen


Amphora Database Server will run on nearly all operating systems including Windows (Win2000 or greater), Linux, Mac OS X (10.4 or greater), and others. Amphora Database Server requires about 10 MB of free hard drive space and 256 MB or more of RAM is recommended. Amphora Wine Log 5.00 or greater is required.


IMPORTANT: If you are using Amphora Pro 8.0 or higher you must use Amphora Database Server 2.0 or you will receive errors.

NOTE: When using Amphora Database Server a licence must be purchased for each Amphora Wine Log installation. Alternately a special multi-licence version of Amphora Wine Log can be purchased, that allows multiple installations for a single price. Additional Amphora Wine Log licences can be purchased from the Amphora Wine Log product page.

Product Version 1.03
(for Amphora versions 5.0 to 7.10)
Version 2.0
(for Amphora Pro 8.0 or greater)
windows Amphora Database Server for Windows
Download Amphora for Windows Download (9 MB) Download Amphora for Windows Download (14 MB)
windows Amphora Database Server for Linux
Download Amphora for Linux Download (4 MB) Download Amphora for Linux Download (4 MB)
windows Amphora Database Server for Mac OS X
Download Amphora for Mac OS X Download (4 MB) Download Amphora for Mac OS X Download (4 MB)
What's New?What's new in this version?

Installation and Setup

Installation on Windows

Just click the downloaded file and follow the instructions in order to install the software. Click the program icon to start the application.

Installation on Unix-like Systems (Linux, Mac OS X and others)

Unpack the archive: unzip

Double click on install.jar and follow the instructions. If no file association is set up for jar files then the installer can be executed at the command line: java -jar install.jar

After installing, the application is started by clicking Server.jar or executing java -jar Server.jar on the command line.

Setup (all platforms)

If Amphora Database Server is installed on a computer with a firewall, you will likely need to configure the firewall in order to allow communication over the network. In particular, Amphora Database Server requires server permissions. By default, most firewalls will block any program that attempts to act as a server. So you will need to explicitly grant Amphora Database Server permission to act as a server. In addition, all Amphora Wine Log installations that need to access the database server will require regular (non-server) permissions in order to access data across your network. See the help page for additional information.


Direct email support is available here: Contact Fermsoft

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