NOTE: Amphora Basic has been merged with Amphora Pro to create a single Amphora product. As such, Amphora Basic is no longer maintained. Existing Amphora Basic users should consider upgrading to the current Amphora version or Amphora Mobile. Existing Amphora Basic users can purchase the most recent Amphora version at a discount. While Amphora Basic is no longer maintained, it is still fully functional and available for purchase.


Amphora is a powerful winery production application that is used to track and manage the winemaking or brewing process. It is a process log with advanced data storage, management, and presentation capabilities. Amphora can track winery operations from the vineyard to the bottle. Amphora is sophisticated software, yet is simple to use, and has features that the most advanced winemaker or brewer will appreciate, such as user-defined database queries, reports, and charts. Amphora has been installed in over 500 commercial wineries, vineyards, breweries, and cideries in more than 30 countries around the world. Amphora is also widely used by many home winemakers and brewers who enjoy tracking the brewing or winemaking process.





Container and Vineyard Maps

Cross Platform

Purchases and Trial Downloads
Amphora Basic
(Version 6.16)
Download Trial Version
Full Version
Single User Licence
($69.95 USD)
Full Version
Multiple User Licence
($149.95 USD)
Amphora for WindowsAmphora for Windows Download Amphora for WindowsDownload (25 MB)
Amphora for macOSAmphora for macOS Download Amphora for macOSDownload (16 MB)
Amphora for LinuxAmphora for Linux Download Amphora for LinuxDownload (16 MB)

What's new in this version?

Requirements and Installation

Amphora will run on nearly all operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Just click the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

macOSLinuxmacOS and Linux

Unpack the archive:

Double click on install.jar and follow the instructions. If no file association is set up for jar files then the installer can be executed at the command line: java -jar install.jar

After installing, the application is started by clicking Amphora.jar or executing java -jar Amphora.jar on the command line.