Amphora Cloud allows Amphora users to store their databases in the cloud, enabling access from any location where Amphora is installed. Cloud access allows multiple users to access the same database from multiple locations. Amphora users have the option of choosing embedded, server, or cloud databases. Embedded and server databases are available free of charge with initial Amphora purchase. Cloud databases are available with a subscription purchase in order to cover the costs of hosting and managing our remote cloud servers.

Amphora 10 or greater is required for Amphora Cloud.

Amphora Cloud Monthly Subscription ($39.95) Quarterly Subscription ($112.95) Annual Subscription ($399.95)
Amphora CloudAmphora Cloud (One Cloud Database) Purchase Amphora Cloud Purchase


Users have the option of setting up a new empty cloud database, or importing their existing embedded or server databases into the cloud. To set up an empty cloud database go to the following page:

Cloud Database Setup

Importing existing embedded or server databases into the cloud is a manual process that can take up to 48 hours. Please contact fermsoft support for assistance. Users who want to import existing data should first set up an empty cloud database (see link above). After purchasing a cloud subscription, a backup of a version 10.00 or greater database should be emailed to Your email should also indicate the name of the cloud database that was created. You will then be notified via email when the conversion is complete and your data has been imported into the cloud database.

User Accounts

Initial setup of a cloud database includes the creation of a single user account. If more accounts are required follow the link below:

Create New User Account