The following software is no longer maintained, but remains available.

Acid Calculator

Acid Calculator can assist the winemaker in correcting the acidity (TA) level of wine. The winemaker simply defines the method of raising or lowering TA, the existing and desired TA levels, and batch size. The calculator will then calculate the additions needed to bring the wine to the desired TA level.

Amphora Basic

Amphora Basic and Amphora Pro have been merged into a single Amphora product. Amphora Basic will remain available for purchase, but will no longer be maintained.

Online Wine Log
Online Wine Log has been replaced by Amphora Mobile. Online Wine Log will remain available for current users, but new account creation has been disabled. Online Wine Log will no longer be maintained. Users are encouraged to try Amphora Mobile. It provides similar functionality, optimized for mobile devices.
Sulphite Calculator

Sulphite Calculator can assist the winemaker in calculating the correct amount of sulphite to add in order to achieve desired free SO2 levels in wine. Many tables have been devised for this purpose, however these tables are relatively inflexible in that each table is normally designed for particular sulphite forms (e.g. 10% potassium metabisulphite solution). These tables may not correspond to the practices of the individual winemaker. With Sulphite Calculator, the winemaker can precisely define the sulphite source, sulphite form, and batch size. The software can then calculate the exact amount of sulphite required in order to obtain desired free SO2 levels.